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The Independent Living Skills Program (ILSP) provides emancipation services to foster youths, ages 16-18, for release from foster care and transitioning into adulthood with the objective of preparing them for responsible adulthood. An array of workshops and classes are offered to ensure that the youths are meeting their individual goals. Activities for youths are focused on developing social skills while youth transitioning to young adulthood learn independent living skills.

Services Provided

  • Education information
    Youths are introduced to various educational options available during and after high school
  • Resource listing
    Youths are presented with the many resources available within their community
  • Job development
    Youths receive information on job search techniques, including resume writing and interviewing skills
  • Finances and budgeting
    Youths learn how to manage their income and determine budget goals
  • Living independently
    Youths are prepared to live on their own and how to maintain a home
  • Health and counseling services
    Youths are taught how to develop and maintain healthy habits, as well as how to obtain adequate health insurance


  • All youth age 15-21 who are in foster care are eligible for this program and youth transitioning into adulthood.
  • Services are offered to youth up to age 21. Most youths in states custody access the service up to the age of 21.  After 21 involvement with a program is on a voluntary basis.