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CHF provides an 8-week curriculum.  These short classes will cover topics such as the effects of alcohol on the body, DUI laws for your state, and usually some anecdotes about other offenders or victims of drunk driving. In many cases, attendance is the only requirement, and there are no tests or follow-up classes.  All assessments must be conducted in person by a qualified or certified substance abuse professional.   Court ordered DUI classes are a serious time commitment, and scheduling preferences cannot always be accommodated. It is important to keep in mind that full compliance with all the rules and stipulations of your classes is essential. Completion of these courses is a requirement of your sentence, and failure to attend or conduct yourself satisfactorily can result in a parole violation or jail time. Because the classes may be scheduled during the suspension of your driver’s license, arranging transportation well in advance is important. Once completion of the classes is verified by your parole officer, you have satisfied the requirements of your court order.