Center for Hope Children and Family Services serves residents of Orleans-Eastbank & Westbank, Jefferson, St. Bernard, & Plaquemines Parishes. The doors first opened on November, 2008. The average caseload is comprised of adults, adolescents and children. The treatment team includes Board Certified Psychiatrists, Licensed Clinical Social Workers, Licensed Professional Counselors, Mental Health Professionals and Mental Health Specialists. 

The Center for Hope was established with the purpose of providing behavioral health care to the mentally ill within their own communities. The goal is to prevent acute and chronic psychiatric hospitalizations. And to assist individuals in our community affected by mental illness and serious emotional disturbance to achieve their hopes, dreams and quality of life goals.

To accomplish this, services must be delivered in the least restrictive, non-stigmatizing, most accessible environment within a coordinated system of community and self-care, respectful of a person’s family and loved ones, language, culture, ethnicity, gender and sexual identity.  Requests for services are accepted from individuals, physicians, and other communitybased agencies. Priorities are given to individuals who are experiencing symptoms of serious mental health or co-occurring mental health/substance abuse needs. Individuals who are not accepted for services are referred to other community resources for needed assistance. Cost of services are free to qualified eligible Medicaid recipients and on a sliding fee scale and determined according to income.

Center for Hope’s staff is dedicated to the expressed mission of providing quality care to individuals and families in their community. Driven by the needs of clients and families, our culturally sensitive services focus on the process of recovery and resiliency.